Slide2Open Shipping Finance 2018

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The Conference

Organized by Slide2Open, in association with Boussias Communications, the Slide2Open Shipping Finance 2018 aims at producing tangible results, while providing delegates with valuable financial and commercial insight into activities, offerings, best practices and trends. The conference organizers, speakers, presenters and panellists all have considerable expertise and success stories to share.


The conference will take place in Athens, Greece and will include:

Slide2Open Shipping Finance 2018

Thursday 22 February 2018, 09.00 am – 17.30 pm
Athenaeum InterContinental Hotel, Athens

Conference Chair: Professor Martin Stopford, Non-executive President, Clarkson Research



Chair of the Organizing Committee – Scientific Contributor: Basil M. Karatzas, CEO, Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co.

Marine Consultant: Stella Alexia Mantzaris, Founder & CEO, A.S. Marine Ltd.

Conference Planning & Implementation: Despina Travlou, Principal & Founder, Slide2Open

Consultant: Maro Badekas, Attorney at law

Moderator: Yuri Bender, Editor-in-Chief, Professional Wealth Management at Financial Times

Key topics of the Conference

  • Present Shipping Market Conditions – what to expect?
  • Modern Shipping Finance
  • Banks – Ship Mortgages
  • Credit Funds – Loans
  • Leasing – Chinese Leasing
  • Private Equity Investors – Equity Providers
  • Capital Markets and Public Equity – IPOs and Bonds
  • Minding the Expenses for a cost-efficient supply chain

One-to-one meetings

Thursday 22 / Friday 23 / Saturday 24 February 2018

  • Pre-arranged private meeting schedule
  • Participation upon request prior to the conference, subject to availability and approval.


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